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Tait Lawrence - Bladesmith & Metal Worker

Tait Lawrence

By any account, I’m an odd person to pick up smithing as a hobby. By trade, I’m a physiologist and educator; my day to day life could hardly be further removed from the ring of hammer and steel. But I have also always been a tinkerer and craftsman, a trait that I picked up as a boy helping my grandfather and uncle with projects out in the garage. It was during this time, when I was about 13, that I first took an interest in blacksmithing and bladesmithing. My grandfather bought me a 55lbs cast iron anvil and helped me build a simple forge out of an old barbeque grill. Everything I made was crude and ugly, but I didn’t care! Unfortunately, I lost interest as life got more hectic and I sold off my tools later when I moved away from home.

Fast forward almost 15 years and I’m out of school and taking a job in West Virginia. I found myself with time on my hands and no friends or family for nearly a thousand miles—–never a more perfect time to pick up an old hobby, so that is exactly what I did. I used the last of my savings to buy some basic equipment and I put together a little workshop underneath my porch.

Here it is, a few years later and my skills have grown a little (along with my tool collection) and I started thinking there might be folks out there that would be interested in my brand of craftsmanship—–maybe even want a piece of it for their own. So, with help and encouragement from my fiancée, in 2012 Raven’s Roost Forge was born. Much of my work is created from re-purposed scrap and is shipped with a pictorial booklet chronicling its creation. This means each piece is absolutely unique and has a rich history, I hope you enjoy!

1st smithy after I took up the hobby again in 2009

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