Thy Brother’s Bowie Knife…

Bowie style hidden tang knife  forged for one of my brothers out of a railroad anchor, fittings are brass  and handle is an unidentified hardwood (most likely red oak) the sheath was created from 7oz black leather.  Everything except the brass was re-purposed from scrap.  

Scented Wax Warmer

This piece is made from 1/4″ square mild bar that was formed around a jig and twisted, a little scroll was formed at the end of the hook.  The chain and dish were purchased for this project and are factory made.

Dragon Walking Stick

Dragon head was forged from 1/2″ mild round stock with a rat-tail tang burned into the stick, a copper ferrule is affixed at the top and peened down around the base of the dragon’s neck.  The walking stick itself (not shown) was made from a maple branch downed during a …

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