First Real Knife!

This is the first “real” knife I ever made!  I made several knife like objects when I first started bladesmithing many years ago, but those don’t really count———-considering I was using steel that could not be properly heat treated, which was something I didn’t understand at the time.  This particular knife was forged down from a railroad anchor that I found, I believe they are typically made out of 1060-1075 or equivalent.  I tested to make sure it hardened properly before making the knife, it got file hard after an oil quench.  The bolster and butt cap are cut down from 1×1″ brass bar ends that I bought as scrap from a machine shop.  The handle is made from an old hickory hammer handle that I cut up when I re-handled the hammer head.  The sheath is made from a side of black leather that I bought as scrap because the dye job came out uneven when it was produced.

9″ utility knife


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