The Jackal bush knife


This is my take on a stripped down, no nonsense bushcraft and survival knife.  It features a differentially tempered 5″ W1 blade, in broken-back seax style, with a 550 paracord wrap.  The sheath is laminated black leather with a soft buckskin outer.

Experimental folder


This is an experiment that I call “The Buzzard”, because it is big and ugly and kinda cool… This buzzard is done up in O1 and hickory with blued steel fittings, the overall length when open is a whopping 11.5″. The experimental part is the ribbed ferule, it twists to lock …

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First Damascus Knife

damascus knife 03_1

Here is a small hunting knife in pattern-welded steel.  This was my first experience working with this medium, the billet was purchased closeout from Smokey Mountain Knife Works.  I don’t know what type of steel went into the construction of the billet, consequently I am unsure how the knife will …

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Groomsmen Knife Set

Groomsmen Set Slider Img.

Take a look at these custom knives I made as groomsman gifts for a gentleman this month.  These are all made from the same rail anchor and are stamped with the groomsman’s last name on it.  Each also came with hand made black leather sheathes, spiffy!